A message to you all…

As our TGB groups come to a close for the Christmas holidays, we would like to thank you all for supporting us for another year through TGB. To our group users who support us in all our groups, our amazing volunteers who enable us to provide what we do within this fabulous wee town and those who financially support us, our church, our TGB friends and our funders, we cannot thank you enough. We look forward to all that 2018 will bring. We wish you a very happy Christmas and new year. Please feel welcome to join us for our Christmas celebration service this Sunday at 6:30pm at the community centre. See you all in the new year 👍🏻

Exciting new project news

We are extremely excited to tell you that TGB Gatehouse will be taking over ownership of the Murray Centre.

We have been granted funding that will enable us to re-locate it to its new home!

We are very grateful to the Mill on the Fleet, who have offered us a space for it in the grounds and will open next year as ‘The Shed Project’.

The project will allow people to connect, converse and create!

If you have any tools you would like to donate to the project please contact the project coordinator on 07850773181!