Directed to Direct through TGB

How amazing is it that 2 wee girls start your group as 3 year olds, continue through to become young leaders and after well in excess of 500 hours volunteering within our groups, they are now directing our next production???

Not just directing but doing all advertising, costumes and producing.

AMAZING!!!! we are so proud to have you as part of our team Asia and Jazmin.

We have the most amazing young leaders, these two girls are just 2 examples of the many doing superb work within our groups

#blessed #proud #amazed

Helping in all sorts of ways…

A group of our volunteers, group users and parents gathered to help a university student, currently working for the NHS, gather information on community participation for her university dissertation. Danielle has lots of scribing to do now, there was no shortage of chat about the benefits of participation in this community!