Young leaders training is an important part of what we do at TGB Gatehouse. From 12 years our young people gain leadership skills which are transferable through further education and employment. We are very proud of all they do. Here are some of our young leaders creating drama with members of the Bunkeroo jnr group. We wish our senior group all the best as they audition for roles in Matilda the musical week next Tuesday. #leadership#inspiring#confidence

Come Along and Join US

TGB Gatehouse will have their next consultation group meeting on MONDAY 13th FEBRUARY AT 6:30pm. The meeting will take place at TGB gatehouse, No1 High Street. We would love it if you came along and joined us as we share updates, discuss plans and listen to your thoughts and ideas. We welcome all ages to these meetings as your ideas are what we work from. SO if you are a group member, a relative of a group member, part of another local group or arganisation or simply an interested member of the community, come along and join us on the 13th February, we will look forward to welcoming you.