Our Values


TGB Gatehouse was set up as a community initiative by Gatehouse Community Church and our work is informed by the following positive Christian values which we believe will encourage, strengthen and enhance the lives of our volunteers and participants in our activities irrespective of their background and beliefs:

  • Grace – An attitude towards others that involves giving each other more than we think we deserve
  • Hope – An outlook which encourages expectations of positive outcomes and achievements for self and community
  • Faith – Is being sure in what we hope for and can be the means to greater depth in all our relationships
  • Love – Is an attitude of unconditional respect and compassion for others and concern for their wellbeing
  • Justice – Is concerned with equality and inclusion and usually involves particular concern for the disadvantaged
  • Joy – Encourages positivity and involves helping people to recognise, celebrate and use their strengths
  • Service – Is concerned with putting our participants first in all our activities and asking ourselves what we can do that will support and encourage them
  • Peace– Is concerned with promoting feelings and experiences of well-being and offering places and activities where people can experience respite from some of the stresses and difficulties they face.